4 Video Makers for Instagram You Need to Start Using

Video Makers for Instagram: If you are not using Instagram and the platform’s millions of daily users to promote your business, you are doing marketing wrong. Instagram can be used by marketers to promote their products or service to a wide variety of audiences. 

This is where brands are made and goodwill is formed. More than half of the app’s users log in per day to the app. This is a chance for them to see your content. 200 million users on Instagram will visit one business profile.

This is why you need to be active on Instagram. We rounded up the best video makers for Instagram you can start using right now to up your game. Whether you are an individual or a large multi-billion-dollar organization, you can use these tools.

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4 Best Video Makers for Instagram

These will let you edit, create great short-form videos and even more all while looking professional. Professional video content is a key factor in getting users to engage with your content and brand.

At the end of the day, that is what any business would want. Engagement from users is crucial. So, let us get started with number 6, the Horizon app.

4. Horizon

Horizon is somewhat of a different app in the sense it lets you record videos horizontally.Instagram’s usual video recording format is in the vertical mode but recording.

The great thing about Horizon is it lets you record videos horizontally even if you rotate your phone to make it more comfortable using it. It makes your videos come out smooth and just looks overall very professional. 

Apart from this, the apps have a myriad of features. Of course, it lets you edit the videos with an easy to use interface. You can use the built-in drag and drop interface to edit the videos.

Adjusting the video speed can also be done without much hassle. Other features of the app include accessing your video library, support for HD resolution and a wide range of filters to choose from.

All in all, Horizon is a pretty cool video maker for Instagram if you want to capture videos in a horizontal orientation to give your videos across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram a consistent look.

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3. Quik

For someone who wants to create high-quality videos but might lack in-depth technical knowledge, Quick should be easy to pick up. The app is made by GoPro, the widely popular action camera manufacturer, so you can tell they know what they are doing.

It lets you do all the basic stuff like add texts, change the speed of playback and add music. Let us face it, a promotional video with some appropriate music makes a video boring to watch.

We love the large format support. This can be a limitation on a lot of other video makers for Instagram. You can easily work with files inMP4, H264 and MOV as well.

If filers are your things, there are a ton of them. However, one of the most important features which makes it especially good for Instagram is the size formatting.

You can format your videos for Instagram to ensure the video looks great on the app for everyone to enjoy. Try out Quik from GoPro now!

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2. Animoto

Animoto is not a typical video maker. It is more of a slideshow maker. That is not a bad thing though. You can make some pretty professional-looking slideshows with images and tell a compelling story with Animoto.      

This is a great tool if you do not happen to have assets to work with for a video. If you do not have any video shots taken for your products, a professional-looking slideshow is still better than just static images.

Plus, there are features on top of that too. You can add text and music to make the slideshow progress more naturally and people feel more engaged too. The music library is quite good with access to different tunes that are sure to be your fancy. 

We also quite like how the app allows you to access the features on the free version too. The only limiting factor is you can only make ten-minute slideshow videos. Which let us be honest is enough for many contents.

1. InShot

InShot is probably one the best video maker for Instagram you can use right now. The great thing about the app is how intuitive it is to use and the host of cool features.

If you want a simple, easy to use yet powerful video maker for android, this is the one. We putInShot at number 1 in this roundup for the best video makers for Instagramfor its features that optimize your videos for Instagram.

You can resize your videos for IGTV, the feed and even the Instagram stories. There are some features you would find on high-end desktop video edits like blur control, video rotation and flipping.

For adding more personality to your videos, there is the option to add stickers and music too. The interface, as mentioned is very intuitive and we love the overall usability of the app.

As far as filters go, the choices are a lot. You can choose from different effect filters like glitches and other cool filters. Adding any sort of text can be done easily and with simple clicks too.

Overall, we think InShot is one of the best apps you can use for Instagram video. It is feature-rich and very powerful.


Instagram has really taken off over the last couple of years. Companies or people trying to build their own personal brand should most definitely be using the platform, and it is a great place to show off your products and service with creative professional looking content. These video makers for Instagram can make that happen easily.