Toonly Review

Toonly Review + Exciting 49% Coupon

When it comes to the online market, the need to implement unique strategies is constantly on the minds on the marketers in order to reach that targeted profit margin. The product-based explanation is an option that’s super popular among them. If you’re unable to explain products in a way that drags in an audience, it’s almost impossible to create targeted leads. Toonly is a powerful tool we can use to create explained videos, and it’s super easy to do so!

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You can easily integrate all required contents about every product through neat animation based functionalities and features. And thanks to some handy Toonly coupons, you can get this tool for a total steal!

Instead of a cloud-based SaaS, Toonly is an actual software you can buy.

In this review, we’re going over all the features of Toonly animation maker and evaluating it based on our set standards.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

What is Toonly?

It’s an animated explainer video creator used to make simple videos for a variety of purposes: marketing a product or service, giving instructions on how to do something, and many more.

The best part is the ease of use.

Any knowledge of coding or actual animation isn’t really needed.

All you have to do is drag and drop all content into the picture and add particular motions, dialogues, and movements to it. There’s a plethora of pre-loaded scenes equipped with in-built animations made to cater to a bunch of intentions and niches. For instance, if you’re planning on promoting a good or service to someone, you can select a certain animation that was created specifically for advertising. You can also import your own images, be that a background, peopltte, images, or objects. However, you can’t do that with custom animations, regardless of how skilled you are in coding.

Toonly’s coding area is securely locked, which adds to the entire software’s beginner-friendliness. The pricing is quite reasonable, and you can install the software on multiple devices. Once you make the purchase, you will get an email describing the steps to install and use the tool.

You can apply the convenient Toonly Discount Coupon to avail a super great deal!

If we had to note one con right off the bat, it would be how there’s no auto-save feature. We’re all so used to this feature right now that some of us might even forget manually saving the work before exiting the screen. So, this can be an issue at first.

Just in general, Toonly has a list of pros and cons like any other product. It’s that easy, cheap, and quick way to create a ton of simple videos to explain, teach, or promote something to an audience.

Quality and Product Design

It was very obvious from the very first minutes that this one of the easiest and simplest interfaces for animated explainer video creators available in the market. Very beginner-friendly so even if you had no clue about video editing to start with, the software can be learned in a day or two.

In just 10 minutes, a full animated video can be made from scratch. Well, technically not scratch because there’s an impressive library of images, audios, and many other features. Begin your project by setting a unique name. Subsequently, check out the tray located on the left for category options.

This scene category enables you to attach pre-built scene into your visual content. Background, music, and characters can be changed as you prefer. And all the selections are so high-quality that we have no complaints there.

 On the character category, you get to set how certain characters and how they move around in the screen – from entering to exiting the video scenes. The behaviors are also editable with just a click! Like with the background, there are preset behaviors for the characters. Your character can now stand still, laugh, dance, smile, and everything a typical animated character might be able to do. You can now set the duration for their action.

There’s an incredible selection of background music you can attach to your videos. Don’t want tunes? No worries. Record your voice and underlay those into your video for HQ voiceovers – no need for any 3rd party software!

We have to mention that we didn’t like how the object library was that limited. You may to add external logos and objects from time to time in your project, and those objects can’t be animated. The power to make them appear/disappear still lies with the user.

Toonly Review: Benefits of Using the Tool

If you didn’t have any knowledge of creating animated explainer videos and attempted to make one, you’ll realize it’s extremely frustrating. Not only aren’t you able to get anything done, but whatever is being made doesn’t work like you had expected.

Thus, you have to appoint a team of developers or a freelancer to the least to get the job done. That’s not always a feasible option because expenses can sky-rocket.

Owning an explained video software like Toonly allows you to craft videos with all the customizations you need. If there’s something that doesn’t pan out like the way you wanted it to, you can always go back and tweak it till you’re happy.

One more good thing about Toonly is that now you have total control over the animations. With a freelancer or developers, you might not be fully aware of all the available options, so you may end up with something that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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Shop around; experience the software till the finished product is something you can be proud of.


  • Impressive range of custom images that aren’t stock photos! These photos aren’t floating around every corner of the interest like ones provided by few other services.
  • There’s no daunting learning curve. From the get go, you’re in control and you’ll get the hand of it pretty easy. We know it’s easier said than done, but in this case, it’s actually just as easy. There are some Toonly tutorials to give you an oversight of the basics.
  • If you buy the software, you can install it on as many computers as you need. There’s no need to buy multiple licenses for different computers.
  • It’s quite easy to save and export files. Uploading on social media or embedding them on your website will be a clear process.
  • If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your cash back with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Toonly’s Pricing Plans

There are two plans available and they come in monthly and annual packs.

Standard ($39 per month) – You get 30 characters, 17 animations for those characters, 1,058 prop images, 10 premade scenes, 71 backgrounds, 20 background audios, 21 transitions, three text animations, permission to make unlimited videos, and premium support.

Enterprise ($69 per month) – You’re given 82 characters, 30 character animations, 2,024 prop images, 20 premade scenes, 139 backgrounds, 142 background audios, 101 scene transitions, five text animations, and additionally access to Toonly Club where new props and characters are released monthly.

If you choose the annual plan, you can get the 49% discount coupon! So, the Standard plan stands at $20 a month for a year while the Enterprise plan comes to $40 a month for the year.

This is a great way to equip yourself with an impressive platform where you can create unlimited animated explainer videos for various purposes. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket like you would have to with similar tools that provide the same benefits.

Toonly: The Things We Liked

  1. User-friendly and easy-to use interface.
  2. Excellent range of characters and backgrounds to choose from.
  3. Seamless integration of drag-and-drop elements into the video.
  4. Amazing voice-recording feature.
  5. Can be installed in multiple devices without having to buy separate licenses.
  6. Reasonable pricing. The frequent coupon policy makes it easier to buy.

Toonly: What We Didn’t Like

  • The limited object library. You can’t animate the objects you import.
  • Lacking the auto-save feature.

Our Final Verdict on Toonly

Majority of these freelancing sites will cost you at least $30 for a single one-minute animated explainer video. Toonly lets you create an unlimited number of videos of every month without having to pay extra every time.

It’s undisputedly the simplest and easiest tool for this purpose you can find on the market right now. Save money but don’t compromise on quality. Specifically, for the digital marketers, conversion rates will shoot to the stars!

A well-made and visually attractive video leaves a greater impact on a potential customer than a bunch of texts and words, and Toonly is going to be your best friend for this. With everything being said, we adored using Toonly and highly recommend it. It may seem pricey, but if you consider the features and the value, you’ll understand that you’ll be saving a lot in the long run. Plus, the occasional coupons are always a convenient way to shave off some dollars.