How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube

How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube? We all love watching videos on YouTube. Many of us love creating content on YouTube. Many people have taken up YouTubing as a career in the past few years. And we are sure you have noticed, the videos of most YouTubers are very high quality.

One common thing you see in every professionally made YouTube video is a custom thumbnail. The thumbnail of a video is a deciding factor whether someone is going to click on that video or not. Because of high-quality custom thumbnails, ‘clickbait’ is a thing.

Clickbait or not, if you want to boost the number of views on your videos, you need to put in some effort to create a custom thumbnail for your videos. Don’t know how to do that?

In this article, we will show you how you will make a custom thumbnail and change the thumbnail on the videos. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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How to Make a Custom Thumbnail

To explain this step, we are going to use an example. Suppose you made a video explaining “how to wear a mask properly”. How are you going to design the thumbnail?

At first you need to go to a photo editing application such as Photoshop or Illustrator (or any other that you prefer). There are some sizing guidelines set by YouTube, so set up your page to meet those requirements.

YouTube does not allow pictures of resolution that is less than 1280 x 720 pixels, and the aspect ratio must be 16:9. The file has to be JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG formats, as no other file format is supported. And lastly, the file size must be lower than 2 megabytes.

Now that you have set up your page, let’s design the thumbnail. As this video is about masks, you need to insert an image of a mask and a person wearing a mask.

And then you need to add texts that represent the motto of the video such as “Wear masks properly” or maybe “Things you are doing wrong when wearing a mask”. The text next should be bold & good that so that it can attract the audience.

And lastly, add the logo of your channel on any corner, for some promotion of the channel. Save the file and you should have a custom thumbnail for your video.

The above was just an example to show you how you should design a custom thumbnail and what details you should pay attention to.

Make sure the picture is not blurry or distorted, or that the size isn’t too small. Remember, the high-resolution pictures can be compressed to be smaller and view in smaller devices, but not the opposite.

Try to avoid using complex photos or fonts that are hard to read or comprehend. You want to stay simplistic and minimal with your thumbnails, as these attract the most amount of viewers.

How to Change the Thumbnail

Now that you have your custom thumbnail designed, it is time to change the default thumbnail that YouTube generates from the video to the custom thumbnail you made.

Let’s see how you are going to change the thumbnail of your video while uploading it, after you have already uploaded it, and adding a thumbnail before starting a live stream.

Changing the thumbnail of a video while uploading

When you are uploading a video, you will see there is an option called Thumbnail at the bottom. You can find there, three auto-generated thumbnail options already there. There will also be an upload custom thumbnail option.

Click on the upload custom thumbnail button and select the thumbnail you have created to upload it. When it’s done, you will get a preview of the thumbnail. And then you upload your video.

So now, your viewers will see the custom thumbnail on the video from the start.

Adding thumbnail to a Live Stream

This is similar to changing the thumbnail of a new video. There is an option called UPLOAD CUSTOM THUMBNAIL on the New Stream screen. Click on that option and upload the image you want to set as the thumbnail.

After that, your viewers will see the custom thumbnail that you have set, before joining your live stream.

Changing the thumbnail of an existing video

For this, you need to go to YouTube Studio Beta and click on the videos menu. You will find all your video content in that page. Select the video of which you want to change the thumbnail and click on the option that looks like a pen and reads ‘details’

Then scroll down and you will find the thumbnail option. And the rest is the same as above. After uploading your new thumbnail, it will show in your channel’s feed.

YouTube Thumbnail Guideline

YouTube has certain guidelines and restrictions for thumbnails, which you must follow unless you want to gain a strike on your channel.

Thumbnails that show any sort of violence, nudity, hateful content are more likely to get a strike on your channel, so make sure to avoid these sort of things. If you too many consecutive strikes, YouTube might remove your custom thumbnail privileges for 30 days and lead to a termination of your account.

Hence, make sure you are not breaking any of the community guidelines set by YouTube.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now know how to change the thumbnail of a YouTube video. Make sure your thumbnails are of high quality and eye-catching. This will attract more viewers and help your channel grow much faster. We hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to change the thumbnail of a YouTube video and learned something new today. Now go create custom thumbnails for your videos and start uploading high-quality videos today!