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Doodly Coupon Code: Doodles are great. They are fun to watch and explainer videos or whiteboard animations look great in this style. Videos are also most enjoyable to watch on social media as well.

The problem most might face is having to spend hours watching tutorials online on how to make animations in the first place. Whiteboard animations and animated explainers as good as they look are not always easy to make.

Doodly Video Animation Software

Meet Doodly.A simple to use doodle video creator great for making whiteboard animations, explainers and more.

Doodly helps you create doodle explainer videos that are professional and engage the audience. This article will give you a complete review of Doodly and all its features plus how you can get it for cheap using a Doodly coupon code. Let us look at how can Doodly help you.

Doodly In-depth Review

Doodly is an explainer video making service that uses doodles to make whiteboard animations and explainers. You can even make product launch videos and internal training material.

Videos are the most engaging content in social media today, so if you want to get your message across, Doodly is the way to do it.

You can use this software to make an explainer doodle video or almost any type of doodle video for your business or personal channel without even having to waste hours learning animation. This is probably one of the best features of Doodly.

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Ease of use

Frankly learning animation is not that easy, to begin with. With Doodly though you can create high-quality professional-looking explainer videos and whiteboard animations that are fun to watch without a lot of technical skills.

Great for a Social Presence

If you want to create a social presence for yourself, video content can be a great way to start. Whether you are a business or want to promote your personal brand, you can use doodle videos made with Doodly.


While other services might charge you a fee to use it on different computers, Doodly does not. You can Install and use iton as many computers as you are like with a single subscription! Now that to us is being pro-consumer.

A vast collection of assets and templates

For a service like Doodly, the collection of available templates is crucial. Luckily, the software does not disappoint. The sheer number of templates and assets Doodly has is downright impressive.

There are over 400 doodles and a total of 13 hand styles for you to choose from. There is a large collection of hand options to make the doodles and board styles.You havegreen boards, whiteboards, chalkboards. If none of those work for you, you cansimply just create a custom board.


Doodly is customizable too. You have the option to change the draw path of the hands. This makes your videos look more natural. As mentioned, the different boards, combined with the custom draw paths for the hands are just great additions.

If you want a different voice, you can even upload your recordings too. This takes the customizability feature a bit further. Use the perfect voice over on top of the videos to make them much more fun to watch.

Another feature is support for custom images.You can always upload an image you want and tell the story your way.

High-quality export

If your export quality is not good, all the efforts are in vain. Luckily, Doodly works with MKV, OGG and Mp4 formats. You can even pick the resolution all the way to FULL HD 1080p.

Should You Be Using Doodly?

Explainer videos and whiteboard animations are fun to watch and increase engagement. There are a lot of use cases for these types of content. Creating product videos, internal training videos and more can be made streamlines by using Doodly’s fantastic set of features.

If you are starting off to be an influencer you can start animating with Doodly and immediately give your content’s quality a big boost.It saves you time and most importantly, anyone with varying skill levels can use it.

Overall, Doodly is a great software if you are looking for something that lets you animate and make whiteboard animations the easy way,

The templates are of high quality and all in all, it has a ton of features. The customizability is also on par with others.

Doodly Coupon Code

Unlike other software, Doodly will not break the bank. The prices are kept very reasonable and if you choose to pay annually, it is even cheaper per month.

Doodly has a monthly and annual subscription option.Both have two tiers you can choose from. The Standard tier and an Enterprise tier. We suggest going with the annual payment option since it will cost you less over time. 

The standard tier will cost you $20/month and the enterprise is $40/month if you decide to go with an annual plan.

If you plan to choose the monthly subscription model, the Standard package will cost you $39/month. The Enterprise will be $69/month. See what we mean? It is most definitely worth it to just go with the annual payment method.

Here is some better news. You can shave off some cost off of Doodly’s subscriptions. You can use a verified Doodly coupon code and get discounts on your subscription right away.


If you are looking to save some precious time while making high-quality animations and explaining videos people want to watch, Doodly is one of the best options you can go for.

Many people waste a lot of time trying to learn some complicated software when making animations. There simply is no need to waste massive amounts of time when Doodly exists, especially when you can get it for a great deal by using Doodly coupon codes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Doodly set up on your computer and start making animations that you are proud of.