Is Viddyoze Worth It?

Is Viddyoze Worth It? In today’s competitive world of explainer marketing videos, you need to put a lot of effort to stand out. Every brand tries to make their product sell. So you better run that extra mile or you’ll probably drown among all the lost advertisements. If you want your products and services to be represented in the best possible way, a little assistance from explainer video making software can help you go a long way.

Animated video-making software has paved the way for us to make professional-quality videos without breaking a sweat. Software such as Viddyoze has taken the world by storm. But along with their amazing features, they also come with hefty price tags and fees. So you need to stop and ask yourself, is Viddyoze worth it? Read on and find out!

What is Viddyoze?

If you made cartoon videos or explainer animated videos before, you probably already know about Viddyoze. You might have even used similar software to whip up professional explainer videos in a jiffy. Viddyoze takes it a step further by being the easiest animation software there is.

The software will provide you tons of creative and fascinating animation templates. You can customize these templates however you presume and create your marketing video. The people at Viddyoze guarantee that they can turn your viewers into potential customers.

How to make animations?

Step 1: Select an animation template from the millions of templates in the library.

Step 2: Change up the contents in the template and make it seem original. You can spice things up in any way you prefer.

Step 3: When you’re satisfied with what you see, hit the download button and save it on your device. You can then move on to the next animation. Eventually, you can make a full-length video by incorporating all the animations.

Benefits of Viddyoze

Is Viddyoze Worth It?

These apps have made our marketing lives so much easier. You no longer have to wait for hired animators to deliver the animations for your projects thanks to Viddyoze. What’s more interesting is that you can be a rookie video editor and still whip up an amazing-looking animation.

You can come up with a last-minute animation for your presentation in a matter of minutes. The level of customization that you can incorporate is what makes Viddyoze strand out. If you’ve utilized the customizing tools correctly, your final product will look unique. Only the eagle-eyed lads might recognize the templates.

You can even make a living out of it. Many motion graphics designers have switched to software like these to make things more convenient. So if you used to hire an animator to do your animations, there’s a slight chance that they might have been using Viddyoze too!


Now let’s move on to what matters. Even though you can make any animation you like in a matter of minutes, there is a hefty price to pay. But the good part is that it’s a onetime payment for the license.

You get unlimited renders and usage rights with a onetime payment of $127. If you compare the prices to what the professionals are charging, you might be leaning to the Viddoyze side.

If you’re lucky, you can end up getting crazy offers and discounts on the commercial license too! Some offers might even let you get the commercial license for as low as $67, which is practically a steal!

Is Viddyoze Worth It?

After your onetime payment is done and dealt with, you will get infinite video renders along with 170 of the professional templates. You will also get software updates for the rest of your life alongside top-notch customer support.

Viddyoze will also add you to the Facebook group with over 30 thousand members from whom you might get inspired. Viddoyze has a couple of pricey training courses that help a seller out. You will get them for free with your onetime payment.

Considering all these additions and features, you might want to dish out the money right away. And we wouldn’t blame you if you do. A couple of things you need to keep in mind is that you need to pay for a subscription to access the additional templates other than the 170. But you can still opt for a 30-day refund if you seem like you’re not into it.


All in all, with all the benefits that Viddyoze offer, it’s a total YES from us. The service is pretty reliable too and perfect for beginners. So, yes, Viddyoze is worth it.

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