How to make YouTube Intro?

How to make YouTube Intro? The amount of people earning a living through YouTube is on a steep rise. So many youngsters have chosen this as a career path after watching YouTubers making big money. But to get to that stage, you need to make quality content. An important step in the right direction is a dynamic intro that gets your audience hooked.

Making intros can be a tad bit hard but quite fun too. You can easily make a cheap intro that looks subpar and your viewers skip the 10 seconds anyway. A good intro will make the viewers watch it. And you can achieve this with a little help from Viddyoze. So, read on to find out how you too can make an amazing YouTube intro.

Viddyoze Basics

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Viddyoze isn’t any new software. It’s been around for quite a while now. Some professionals even call this the easiest software to make amazing animations. You’ve probably come across tons of fascination animated intros on YouTube channels. Some of them could be made with Viddyoze.

Viddyoze is primarily an animation making software. It offers quite a lot of flexibility for the users. Nowadays, loads of people are opting for making their animations instead of hiring an expensive motion graphics designer. That’s because apps like Viddyoze have made things incredibly easy.

Why Are YouTube Intros Important?

If you’re relatively new in the content creation industry, you probably don’t know why making a good intro is important. An intro is what gets your viewers hooked to your video.

A good intro may make the viewer stay on to watch your video. On the contrary, bad intros lead to people unsubscribing. You truly don’t want to be on that side of the road!

Now that you know why intros for your YouTube videos are important, let’s get into how you can make a YouTube intro. You can follow the guidelines below to whip up a pretty unique intro for your channel in a jiffy.

Step 1: Choose the animations you want to incorporate into your intro. Don’t go overboard with it. Keeping things simple often gives a more sophisticated outcome.

Step 2: Lay out the scenes in a sequence. Organizing is key in any sort of video editing application. Make sure to keep things organized.

Step 3: Import your scenes and characters if you have any. This is also the part where you import your images and especially your channel logo.

Step 4: Choose your music. You can enter the library and choose from the hundreds of tracks on Viddyoze or upload your own. Just make sure you don’t crank up the volume to max.

A slight distortion of pitch might cause headphone users to leave your video then and there. Use a track that goes well with the content you provide. Irrelevant music may trip the viewers off in the wrong direction.

Step 5: Use the drag and drop options to rearrange the sequences as you wish. You can also add some props in this step. Viddyoze offers a ton of customization features.

Step 6: Preview before exporting. This is where your imperfections come out. You can closely observe and see where things went south. Note them down and fix these issues one at a time.

Review again and check if you’ve done the same mistake again. Continue to do so until you’re sure that your intro looks just the way you wanted it to.

Step 7: Hit export and wait for it to render. You can export the videos in multiple qualities. That’s pretty helpful as YouTube videos can be uploaded in multiple qualities too.

Pro Tips

This tips will help you make standout from competition, they are as follow:

Now that you’ve made a YouTube intro, you probably want to go ahead and share it. Before we let you do that, here are a couple of tips.

1) Always check for imperfections

No matter how small your intro is, you need to make it flawless. If there is a slight mistake, people will surely point it out in the comments. And that won’t leave a good impression.

2) Keep your intro short

Longer intros tend to get annoying. So try and make an intro within 15 seconds max! A 10-second intro is even better. Keeping things short is key!

Conclusion for make YouTube Intro

If you follow these steps and keep the tips in mind, you too can make your YouTube intro in a jiffy. Viddyoze surely comes in handy when it comes to making YouTube intros.

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