How to make stunning Video with Photos and Music [All in one Guide]

How to Make a Video with Photos and Music? The world of video marketing is getting more and more competitive by the day. If you can’t pull off an amazing video for your service or product, there’s a huge chance that your product might not succeed. That is how crucial the videos are! So how do you make engaging content if you’re not too skilled?

Your first choice would be to hire a motion graphics designer or video editor to make an engaging video for you. Sure, that’s pretty simple. But it’s also extremely costly. So if you’re a small business who’s just starting, dishing out a thousand bucks for a promotional video wouldn’t be too feasible.

That’s where apps like Doodly, Toonly, and Viddyoze come in. These apps and software can help you make an amazing professional-quality video with a quarter of the price. So if you want to learn how to make a video with photos and music, read on to find out!

How do they work?

All three of these apps are intuitive and serve pretty much the same purposes. They also have their unique quirks and features too.

Toonly: Let’s start with Toonly. This app specializes in making cartoon videos. Cartoon videos are a special way to market your product with cartoons. If you want professional quality explainer videos, Toonly can help you out.

Some marketers will agree that product sales and marketing videos go well when you incorporate toons into them. Cartoons help liven things up. You can whip up a pretty amazing professional-looking video even if you’re a rookie editor with Toonly.

toonly video animation software

Viddyoze: Viddyoze on the other hand, specializes in making animations. Onetime payment of Viddyoze will give you around 170 free animations. You can incorporate these animations into your videos to make them stand out. The templates here are unique and you can customize them to add your personal touch.

You can import your very own animations to work on too. Even a little animation may bring your otherwise bland video to life. You can probably turn your videos’ viewers into potential customers with a little help from Viddyoze.

How to Make a Video with Photos and Music?

Doodly: Now let’s move on to Doodly. Doodly is a professional doodle video making software. You can use Doodly to whip up a whiteboard, blackboard green board, or even glass board videos in a jiffy. Whiteboard videos are the type of explainer videos that get the most attention.

All you need to do is select the characters and scenes. Add in the required props and witness the magic. You can make an explainer video in a matter of minutes with Doodly. What’s more interesting is that you don’t need any sort of prior skills.

How to Make a Video with Photos and Music?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into the business. You can follow the following steps to make an amazing video by utilizing photos and audio clips.

Step 1: Choose the scenes and characters. This is where you set up your plot and add to the main character of the story. You can add characters in both Toonly and Doodly. If you want to go with a whiteboard approach, opt for Doodly.

Step 2: Add in the texts and organize the scenes according to your story. The apps will do the rest for you. You can preview anytime you want.

Step 3: All these apps allow you to incorporate your images and audio files into the video. Add in the relevant images and logos. Then add subtle background music. Make sure it isn’t overwhelming.

Step 4: Preview and revise repeatedly. This will help you find out if you’ve accidentally left something out. Correct the mistakes and preview again till everything’s perfect! 

Step 5: Hit the export button. The apps will allow you to export the videos in multiple qualities including 1080p. So you better take full advantage of that feature.

Step 6: Download the video and start sharing! If it’s a product marketing video, upload it to your website or other platforms. Short videos like these successfully grab the audiences’ attention quickly.


All in all, making a professional quality video with images and music is pretty easy. Browse through the library and use check out all the available features. Feel free to add in your personalized touches too. This makes the videos look original. We hope this article will help you learn to make a video with images and music!