How to Make a Cartoon Video?

How to Make a Cartoon Video? Have you ever wondered how those instructional videos on YouTube are made? The animations are so swift and they explain the respective topics quite smoothly. Making animated toons used to be a hassle.

Very few people with a specific skill set could come up with such amazing videos. But because of their contribution, now you can make a cartoon video in a few easy steps. If you got a presentation due in a day or two and you think you can express yourself better with a cartoon video, give Toonly a try.

It’s one of the most intuitive cartoon video making software and anyone can use it. If you’re specifically interested to make animated cartoon videos, our article will guide you through.

What is Toonly?

How to Make a Cartoon Video with toonly?

So what exactly is Toonly? You’ve probably come across many explainer videos on YouTube. Some people might even say that they are the best ways to get your points through to your targeted audience. And this is where Toonly comes in. Toonly is the easiest software to create professional-quality explainer videos.

Sales and cartoon videos have been made extremely easy with this gem of software. You can be a rookie video editor with little to no skills and still whip up amazing sales videos with Toonly. If you’ve got an idea on your mind to show off your service or product-based business, express it now with Toonly!

How to Make a Cartoon Video?

Now let’s get into the steps. If you’re a total rookie and you don’t know where to start, things might seem a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, Toonly is only here to make your job easy.

Step 1: Write A Script

The first thing you got to do to make a cartoon video is to write a script. The script is the plot of the story that you’re going to tell. Make it interesting and short so that you can catch your audience with a pleasant surprise. You’re going to have to go through the four stages that are: problem, solution, benefit, and a CTA.

Problem: Start by showing off the problems people face due to the lack of your product or service. Use a hook to grab their attention. Try to make sure that your customers can experience the exact situation that you’re trying to depict with cartoons.

Solution: Next up, show the solution. Do you what that? Your product or service! This is your chance to show off what your product can do! A key trick is to mention the product name a couple of times to imprint the name on the viewers’ minds. Make sure you explain clearly what your service or product can do.

Benefit: The third and most crucial step is to bring in the heat. This is where you show the benefits of your product. You can explain how your product is going to make their lives a whole lot easier.

Call to Action: The last step is to add a powerful CTA or call to action. You can use phrases such as “download now” or “visit our website right away” to ask your potential customers to give your product a look.

Step 2: The Storyboard

This is the step where you visualize the animations. This is also where you leave out bits and pieces from the final part. Organize the scenes according to your choice. Draw this out on paper. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look professional.

Step 3: The Voice Over

A calm and collected voice in the background of the explainer video always gets you! This is your shot to be that voice. The pitch of the voice often determines whether the video is going to succeed or not. You got to make your audience feel the words. Hire a voice actor if you think you can’t pull it off. It’s Worth it!

Step 4: Graphics

Informational graphics and fancy background music always make a video presentable. Gather these from various sources or make them yourself if you can. Incorporate your logos here too!

Step 5: Create the Video

Gather all the bits and pieces on the timeline and set them on the canvas. Visualize the video beforehand and use your storyboard for reference. Put in transitional effects and graphics where required. When everything looks great, hit export!


Making interesting marketing Videos has gotten pretty easy. Follow these above steps and you too can make an amazing video with Toonly.