How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

Instagram is a mobile application that is built to run on Android or IOS phones. The app was launched in the United Stated in October 6, 2010. Even though it is owned by Facebook today, the original founders of Instagram are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who wanted to create an audio-visual platform for sharing content with millions of people world-wide. It recently introduced a unique video sharing feature that helped it achieve mass popularity today aside from Snapchat and Facebook.

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? Instagram played a different ball game when it came to sharing videos within the app. There are subsections with in Instagram Video sharing options where videos can be posted in varying length depending on which option the user want to broadcast his/her videos and these options comprise of Instagram Ads, Instagram stories, regular feed video, IGTV and also facilitates live streaming.

Instagram Stories

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

This is one of the multiple video sharing options that Instagram facilitate to its users. Instagram stories are only 15 seconds in length. In addition to that, user can also upload more live-shot videos at 15 second intervals and the entire video posted can be viewed simply by letting it play or just tapping onto the screen to skip to the best part.

Feed Videos

It is similar to posting pictures in Instagram but this involves posting a video instead. Regular video posts have an upload limit of up to 60 seconds. Fortunately, this is not the only video uploading option that is available as Instagram has tailored services to accommodate longer videos.

Instagram Ads

The length for Instagram ads is almost similar to organic posts but length differ only little. Ads can be of 3 to 120 seconds made of several cards. Each card can hold up to 15 seconds of video and up to 10 cards.


This is where Instagram stands out amongst other applications. It is a clutter-breaking feature where user can upload videos of up to 10 minutes long. Furthermore, if an Instagram is verified, users can post a 60-minute video on IGTV.

Instagram Live

Finally, Instagram also facilitate live stream video and users are provided a staggering 60 minutes of time per live stream. However, when a user hit the 60 minute mark, they can opt to go live again for 60 minutes. There is actually no limit on how long live videos can go on for at 60-minute intervals.


No other mobile application provide this much flexibility when it comes to uploading videos. Instagram really did their homework about how to retain and expand its users by through unique upload options and video editing features so that it could dominate a larger share of the market when it comes to videos compared to Snapchat and other alternate apps. Today Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.

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