Best Animation Software for Beginners

Every animator starts with a dream to make it big, but without the right software, it is tough to do so. However, getting started with animation software is not that complicated. Therefore we have the come up with Best Animation Software for Beginners.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, now you don’t have to create an animation from scratch. You can choose a template and customize it according to your requirement.

Animation software comes with an extremely intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface, perfect for animators with little to no experience.

If you want to make an animation video for your company’s marketing and branding or animate your presentation, then you must be eager to know which animation software is ideal for beginners. For your convenience’s sake, we have come up with the best animation software for beginners.

Here’s 3 Best Animation Software for Beginners

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Best Animation Software for Beginners

Viddyoze is an extraordinary option compared to other software for those wishing to start making animation videos. Using Viddyoze, anyone can make a professional quality animation since it entails no coding or framework.

It lets users make studio-grade animation videos within a matter of minutes since its interface is perfect for beginners. Using this animation software for beginners, you can make an animation video by picking one of the hundreds of preloaded templates.

Then edit the template according to your needs, and the best part is you don’t have to download a video editor to do so. From an audio enhancer to color grading, everything is integrated inside the website. After you are happy with the edits, your video remains stored for life since it is completely cloud-based.

With the new version of Viddyoze, you can directly add interactive activities inside the video. You can create vivified videos to promote your brand and bring in new customers.

You can seamlessly add your company’s logo and name in the animation video. If you don’t find this software worthwhile, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Affordable Pricing: Viddyoze comes with a one-time payment offer, with no hidden charge. You can get a personal plan with only $97 for a lifetime and can make up to 30 videos per month. For professional use, you can get the pack at a one-time payment of $127 and enjoy unlimited animation video making for a lifetime.
  • Live-Action Animations: Live-action creates a ‘wow’ factor in an animation video. With the live-action animation feature of Viddyoze, you can turn prospects into customers.
  • User Friendly: Viddyoze features an easy to navigate dashboard, perfect for beginners to create animation videos.
  • Subtle Watermarks: Subtlety is necessary while adding watermarks in animation videos. Viddyoze lets you add subtle watermarks so that it doesn’t look crappy.


best video animation tool for beginners

If you want to take up the career as an animator, Toonly is the perfect animation software for you. Toonly allows you to make top-notch animation videos from its pre-made layouts to start animation making. You will also find preset items like audio, images, and GIFs to add in the video.

The software has a pleasant, simple, and beginner-friendly interface. You won’t need more than 10 minutes to grasp all the tricks of using this software for making superior quality content. To get started with it, all you need is to choose a layout and drag and drop images and on-screen text of your liking.

Toonly comes with a promise to offer professional quality logos and intros for you to hold your customer’s attention. The software works both on macOS and Windows operating systems.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Beginner-friendly: With all tools present right in front of you in the dashboard, Toonly is perfect for beginner animators.
  • Pre-Loaded Elements: Toonly has a wide range of overlays and effects for you to choose from. Besides, the software is updated regularly, to provide you with more overlays and layouts.
  • Inexpensive: Although Toonly is not free it costs relatively nothing compared to other animation software. If you don’t like it, you will be refunded, no questions asked.


Doodly Best Video Animation tool

Doodly is one of the most simple and straightforward animation software out there. The software is specially optimized to create doodle style animation videos with its point-and-click feature.

You can simply make an animation video with its more than 200 custom poses and props. With Doodly, you can make any types of animation videos by choosing anyone from multiple styles, including green board, whiteboard, and glass board. On top of that, using this software you can reduce noise from the background, enhance audio, and improve color grading, the possibilities are endless.

Highlights of Doodly Video Animation Software:

  • User Friendly: Doodly is an ideal choice for a beginner, even a kid can learn to animate using it. You won’t need any experience of doing sketches or making animations. You only have to drag a preset image into the canvas and a sketch will be automatically generated for you. With this software, you can even customize the color and image of the sketch.
  • A Wide Range of Pre-Loaded Materials: With Doodly, you don’t have to create the poses, props, and layout of the animation yourself. Everything comes with hundreds of pre-made materials with the software. The software offers regular updates to improve the quality of the library.


Quality animation software will make the process of learning to make an animation video easier. You might have been confused about which animation software for beginners is the best. We hope our review has helped you meet your confusion. Choose one from our list and it will surely meet your needs.