Best 2D Animation Software

Best 2D Animation Software: Every day we use social media apps, and we come across tones of cute videos that make the audio experience of the story a lot more interesting. These videos are often in 2D which are often made in a whiteboard software and Doodly is one of them. It involves sketching different characters on a screen and using the software engine to animate the drawings for them to have a certain motion.

Such videos have risen in popularity over the years as it gives explainer videos an attention-grabbing cue. Such videos have a very high conversion rate as they are really fun to watch, attractive, to the point, and can be made really attractive using the software. Doodly has a built-in drag and drop functional interface which makes it very easy to sketch.

Doodly also comes with thousands of images in its library. The user simply has to drag and drop the image onto the canvas and the software will automatically sketch it for the user. The use of third-party or self-made images is also possible in addition to merging an audio file with the video.

Why is Doodly One of the Best 2D Animation Software?

Best 2D Animation Software
Doodly Video Animation Software

The developers of Doodly wanted to make something that will deliver a seamless user-experience. No additional skills or knowledge is needed to operate the software as the user-interface is made in such a way, that everything function is aligned for ease-of-use.

It is very easy to use even for beginners and they can use this software for a quick and simple means of making different types of videos. This is why Doodly is very popular amongst people as it saves people a lot of money and time of hiring video editors and using other 2D software which can often be very complicated in terms of use.

Some of the features that set it apart from conventional 2D animation software its the availability of custom images, free tracks, video editing, exporting and sharing, board styles, etc.

Features of Doodly

Custom Images

Doodly is available in both macOS and Windows operating systems. Furthermore, there are a lot more tricks under is the sleeve. Doodly has a library of custom images that saves people from the hassle of drawing their own. This is one of the main reasons why people love Doodly. Users have thousands of beautiful images at their disposal which are made by professional graphic artists. It has 200+ characters of 20 poses each.

Free Tracks

Users also have free access to a range of audio tracks and also two sound slots for for music and voice-overs which can be further editing until users get what they want. However, more sounds tracks are available depending on the package bought – Gold, Platinum and Enterprise which has 20, 40, and 80 tracks respectively.

Video Editor

A video editing option is also available. It can often be very tricky to edit videos but Doodly makes it far easier as it comes with an user-friendly video editor which allows the users to tweak timeline, length, duplicate/delete scenes etc. to make profession looking animation.

Board Styles

Doodly is made mainly made to support whiteboard animations, but the user has the ability to take advantage of more animation styles through the use of different board styles that comes with the package such as Chalkboard, Greenboard, Whiteboard, Glassboard, Custom Board, etc. and determine what the arm uses; chalk or marker.

Hand Styles

Other than different board style, Doodly spoils its users to abundant hand styles of up to 15 different choices of either real hand styles or 13 cartoon hand styles to add that little spark to make videos a lot more fun to watch.

Exporting and Sharing

There is an option to choose the right parameter of the video for export and sharing such as framerate, quality and resolution. Doodly sharing is compatible in multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and websites also.


In addition to a user-friendly interface, Doodly went a little further with customer support such as granting its users access to tutorials that can be found on their website or customer support desk. It also facilitates two-way communication between other creatives should users face problems or want to learn something new. Solutions are also shared in a Facebook Group.

Benefits of Doodly


Doodly is really flexible when it comes to making 2D videos. Use of Doodly can far exceed the range of conventional use such making ads, instructional videos, reviews, presentations, YouTube videos etc.

Low Cost

As mentioned earlier, hiring video editors and buying professional software that offers no user-friendly UI can cost astronomical amounts of money, and will be very time consuming to work with. Doodle offers an affordable monthly or a yearly subscription topped with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Without having to spend time and money to go through a steep learning process, Doodly is a simple means to make videos from the comfort of your computer. The UI is simple to understand and the Drag and Drop feature is an excellent touch.


Doodly offers a range of really affordable packages with individual pricing. In addition to that, it has a Facebook-only offer for a one-time fee of $67 which is similar to its standard package with an opportunity to upgrade to Enterprise Plan for a lifetime fee of $97.

Other than that, the fee for the standard package and the Enterprise plan is $20/month and $40/month respectively (annual billing). This is far more cost-effective than opting for a monthly billing scheme where users have to pay $39/month for the standard package and $69 for the Enterprise Plan.

Therefore, annual billing saves customers a total of $228 for the Standard Plan and $349 for the Enterprise Plan. However, there is no free trial of Doodly available.


There is a lot of alternatives for Best 2D Animation Software but the problem with such alternatives is that updates are rare, and are not even provided for over a year. The special thing about Doodly is that you can create unlimited videos, has a trademarked Smart Draw Technology to create images in seconds, and even listen to complaints from its users. Users have created over 40000 videos using Doodly and thousands of Doodlers are thrilled to have such a unique and affordable experience.